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CabMaster X2

CabMaster X2 is the most flexible and configurable taxi-dispatch software available on the market. It doesn’t just log taxi bookings, but manages your entire business. Designed with you in mind, it’s fully customisable to meet your needs. Competing products have rigid structures that limit how they can be used, but CabMaster X2 provides total flexibility, allowing you to mould it to your requirements.

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24/7 support

We provide in-house and on-site training, backed up by extensive video tutorials and 24/7 technical support. Built-in ‘Help’ functionality also includes a ‘What’s New?’ blog, last login date/time, all relevant upgrades since that last login, and feature improvements. CabMaster X2 operates a live technical support system at our HQ, displaying logged client technical support calls and callback status.

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No contracts: no strings

With CabMaster X2, what we promise is what we deliver. We say CabMaster X2 is totally configurable because it simply is. We don’t make ‘global’ claims: CabMaster X2 is designed for the UK market. Customers who use CabMaster X2 aren’t tied into any contracts, as they would be with some other systems: our clients use CabMaster X2 because they want to, not because they have to.

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Inside knowledge of the taxi industry

Established for over 20 years and operating in some of the largest UK taxi companies, CabMaster X2 has been developed by Command Software Services Limited. And, as we own Bounds Taxis, the biggest taxi company in Northampton, we have the inside track on what it takes to run a large, multi-car taxi business successfully. We operate CabMaster X2 at Bounds Taxis: the growth of Bounds is testimony to CabMaster X2’s effectiveness. We truly believe this combination of experience, expertise and maintaining a hands-on interest in running Bounds is why CabMaster continues to expand, while other system providers simply fall short of the mark.

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